Water Supply Project

The goal of the project will be improved health and human development in urban and predeshiya Saba areas of Jaffna & Kilinochchi. The project will contribute rehabilitating, reconstructing, and developing areas affected by conflict. The outcomes of the project will be

(i) Improved water supply & sanitation infrastructure for residents and returning internally displaced persons in the targeted urban & pradeshiya saba areas.

(ii) Improved protection & management of Jaffna peninsula’s water resources.

The water supply project will cover 300,000 beneficiaries & the Sewerage Reticulation System including treatment plant and effluent disposal reuse system will cover the most densely populated areas of Jaffna Municipality and the University, benefiting 80,000 beneficiaries. If effluent disposal reuse system is not feasible, sea outfall will have to be considered for implementation.