Sensation Practices

The New approach of CDF is to promote Sensation Practices of men, women and children in the disadvantaged villages. Our Sensation promotion that encourage community to y self analyses of existing health issues. CDF health approach promote local solution To reduce and eliminate the practices of open defecation and promote the practice of hand washing. Awareness and mobilization efforts focus on helping communities and individuals to understand the health risks of open defecation. The ultimate goal of CDF health approach is to achieve and maintain improved hygiene practices.

Our approach has been successful in plantations Villages in Ratnapura district. Whenever it was pioneered by the village education team of CDF.


“The most powerful weapon you can use to change the world is education”

~ Nelson Mandela

CDF really understand the critical importance of education for the future of plantation community and for the hope of children. Education has the capacity of breaking the inter generational poverty and education hold the key to eradicate poverty and reduce the unemployment problems of plantation community. The CDF new approach on quality improvement of education plan focus the development of plantation sector. Therefore CDF is playing a vital role in addressing education quality constraint and school dropout rate which has taken continuous efforts to minimize the school dropout rate in the district. The innovative programs have been initiated by CDF are successful in minimizing the rate of school dropout. the CDF efforts and addressing on educational quality capacity constraint has been instrumental in educational development process.

Access to clean and drinking water

People who are living in Town areas in the Ratnapura district drink spring water from public system regulated by the water resource board . Most people in the disadvantaged villages have no public system of supplying water . They get water from ground and streams which is not safe and they use this system for a long time and faced may health issues and water related diseases. The lager system of supplying safe drinking water project initiated by CDF could pull clean water from springs and streams to the villages and supply sufficient quantity of water for drinking and sanitation facilities.

CDF originally focus on treatment as the means of providing clean water at the tap as it is seem to be the right of the people or commodity like any other.

Child protection

Female child is more vulnerable to violence and exploitation and children who are sexually exploited at high risk as they are likely to contract life threatening disease. CDF involve children as active partners in the process of community development. As a result of our increased focus on child centered development program which has protected children from all forms of violence abuses and exploitation.

Nonprofit advocacy

Effective advocacy by CDF has saved and improved the lives of people by strengthened the democracy of vulnerable people . The role of CDF has been secured the right of plantation community including men, women , children and youth.

Poverty alleviation

Poverty is a state of one who lacks certain amount of material possession or money and it refers to the deprivation of basic human needs like food, water and cloth who need to be fulfill on the basis of top priority. Plantation workers dominated by estate companies who do not earn enough to purchase their basic needs like food and cloth.

CDF poverty alleviation process through grass root based planning and home gardening system is initiated in the plantation villages in order to generate their income and improve the practice of saving habit . The quick growing vegetable crops like cabbage, cauliflower, carrot which are cultivated in their home garden as efficient cultivation and marketing. The CDF field work team always been social catalysts in improving the life of disadvantaged families.