As an Honorary Director of CDF on Climate and Environment, I would like to welcome all of you to our website highlighting our activities on our Environment Programs. As a chief Resilience officer and appointed senior representative for disaster management and mitigation of climate change, I urge all actors in the global environment protection chain to take responsibility on environmentally sustainable and disaster management and climate change. It is our duty to protect people from adverse impact of environment and hazards . As we aware that the climate changing and global warming is global issue that affects health and well being of human being even death to vulnerable people.

Our recent initiatives to reduce environmental impacts of our overall activities. A number of these accomplishments of strategic plan, which defines our near-term goals and objectives. In particular, we are proud of our success and we are consistent with our overall aspiration for the future and our vision. We have continued to lead the industry by trying out new ideas and new technologies to reduce the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, improve our energy efficiency, reduce water use and waste generation, and conserve our natural resources. I welcome the ideas from all our partners, supporter’s well-wishers, stakeholders and community in regards to mitigating the environmental impacts.

My sincere thank to priceless partners and generous donors who support made possible to implement programs and I extend my sincere thanks to the Chairman of CDF, wonderful staff and volunteers for great commitment to accomplish the activities and taking efforts to eliminate environment pollution by initiating various programs.

Thank you
M. A. Nimal Premathilake
Diploma Public Health
Diploma in Waste Management Japan
Certificate of Waste Water Treatment in South Korea
Certificate of Sustainable Waste Management in South Korea
Certificate of Urban Planing in South Korea
Diploma of Disaster Management in ADPC – Thailand
Instructor of First Aid
Assessor and Lecture Waste Management Vocational University Rathmalana