About Us

Community worker Charles Morhan Ravie other local community facilitators founded the community Development Foundation CDF in 2005. In the beginning, the idea of CDF had a simple yet powerful premise in developing the plantation community.

What We Do

We work in partnership with other local organizations and government institutions which are well organized and staffed with experienced in development activities and those who know the communities better than anyone.

Be a Volunteer

The CDF Sabargamuwa Sri Lanka Intern Program is a great way to gain experience. We encourage applicants 18 years and older from anywhere in the world to apply. College/university students, recent graduates, and Masters and Ph.D. candidates are especially welcome.

Our Facilitating Partners 



Our Vision

To actively contribute to the social and economic development of the communities and continually respond to the changing social realities through the development.

Our Mission

To work towards the promotion of the aims and objective of organization and its system for development of society working togetherness for socio-economic development and strengthening their capacity through implementation of the programs and interventions with a participatory approach.

Our Projects

Title of the Project Year Location Funded by
Civic engagement and accountability in good governance 2018 Ratnapura USAID / DAI
Relief and rehabilitation of flood victims 2017 Ratanpura Rotary / CDF / 04 Pharmaceutical companies ( National partners)
Rising awareness on Environment pollution and Eco- friendly environment 2014 Ratnapura CDF – Provincial Health and environment unit
Quality improvement of school education 2013 Nivithigala, Ratnapura Well-wishers and community
Home Gardening Development 2012 Ratnapura WFP
Water and Sanitation 2011 Ratnapura Embassy of Japan
Water and Sanitation 2011 Ratnapura High Commission of Australia
Facilitating Plantation people to obtain civil documents 2010 Ratnapura CIDA
Water and Sanitation 2009 Ratnapura Embassy of German
Water and Sanitation 2009 Ratnapura Embassy of Japan
Water and Sanitation 2009 Ratnapura Embassy of German
Education Development 2005 Matara, Ratnapura OXFAM Australia