We work in partnership with other local organizations and government institutions which are well organized and staffed with experienced in development activities and those who know the communities better than anyone. Our Partners help us to determine the needs of the community in the operational area and we closely with them to determine the project will be needed through our partners. Our working groups, volunteers and individuals cooperate with us in implementing projects and field activities.

Action areas:

Advocacy, Empowerment and Development

CDF advocates and render services for the development and CDF is also promoting equal access to opportunities regardless of gender, ethnic, religious or race. Women, youth and Children are our main targets in playing role of advocacy, because many challenging issues surrounding in their growth and development, especially women and children continue to face violence and abuse in their daily lives.

Effective advocacy by CDF have saved and improved the lives of people and strengthen the democracy of the people for an example nonprofit advocacy of CDF played a critical role in securing the right of plantation community.

CDF has shown that plantation people are their own best target. Contrary to conventional thinking which characterizes plantation people as economically deprived, dependent and passive, its research and experience has demonstrated the opposite. Plantation people make valuable contributions to the country’s economy as labors, hard workers and caretakers of economic growth. CDF encourages governments and communities to tap into the strengths of plantation people in Retnapura district of Sabaragamuwa province in Sri Lanka.

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Agriculture Food and Nutrition

Our organizational features include effective mechanisms that allow CDF to embrace more proactive and participatory approaches to agricultural development in Ratnapura district and CDF addresses issues of nutrition, food security, and agricultural development by empowering small subsistence farmers.

CDF develops the home gardening practices and awareness in the plantation villages in order to improve nutritional level of children. CDF works to strengthen communities that have suffered from natural disasters or and CDF employs a vast array of techniques to build sustainable community, including working in agricultural development.

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The Public Health Program works to strengthen the capacity of disadvantaged populations to advocate for better health practices. Services are provided for health which aim to enhance the health and well-being of people Our services include, providing education and information, public health awareness and mobile health care.

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Capacity Building

Capacity Building is one of the sectors which CDF working in different areas of community development here are many approaches to providing capacity building services, CDF capacity building programs are based on youth ,volunteers, staff and professionals development including government and private sector.

Capacity building activities that improve the organization’s ability to achieve its mission necessarily involve the staff of the organization. Consequently, staff and board training to improve skills, evaluate gaps, evaluate needed policies and procedures, plan for the future, improve collaborative practices, and utilize new technologies, are all examples of capacity building.

Leadership training for a nonprofit’s staff and board leadership is a prime example of critical capacity building activities. Coaching, peer-to-peer learning, cohort-based trainings, communities of practice, and “learning circles” are different models used to build the capacity of an organization’s leadership.

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CDF has developed various educational packages which lead The path toward the goal of a world where people treat each other with respect and dignity through effective education. Therefore CDF Education Packages are provided to educators free of charge. Human Rights Education Package Language Development package, Information Technology development package. Educational, religious, government leaders and non government organizations come together for, launching human rights programs that hundreds of youth and continue throughout the year and feedback from students and educators on the implementation of educational programs and materials is received by CDF.

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Community Sustainable Development

The community development system of CDF follows the dynamic development process which enables people to realize their potential and improve their quality of life. CDF has developed a sustainable livelihood framework which incorporate in CDF community projects in working towards sustainable development. Sustainable development implies economic growth together with the protection of environmental quality, each reinforcing the other. Sustainable Development, thus, is maintaining a balance between the human need to improve lifestyles and feeling of well-being on one hand, and preserving natural resources and ecosystems, on which we and future generations depend.

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Poverty Eradication

Main focus of the CDF is to assist small scale business units to self sustaining jobs. These small businesses are largely agriculture enterprises and self employment which are the means of poverty eradication.

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Access to Clean Water

Major part of our activities is to provide clean water to the people in the plantation villages where there is no drinking water. The inability to access clean water results in a loss of many opportunities in their day today life. This is why we are dedicated to increasing awareness of the water crisis and raising the funds necessary to bring clean water to those who need it.

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